BNF Anniversary & Retirements

As we continue to recover from a worldwide pandemic, we pray that all who have known great loss will recover and that globally we can look to the future with renewed hope and promise.

BNF has now entered its 28th year of business.  This is a milestone that we are extremely proud of.  We are blessed to have employed supervisors, managers, and staff who are extremely professional, dedicated, and diligent.  Without each of these team players, BNF Contractors would never have known the success and respect that has been achieved.

While our Anniversary is something to be celebrated, it is with a mix of joy and sadness that we announce the retirement of two of our most esteemed employees, Alex Pacheco and Michael Hanley. Alex and Michael have been a part of the BNF Family for 16 years and 15 years, respectively.  They have both engendered an extreme degree of respect from all who have worked with them throughout the years.

Many of our customers and subcontractors have shared their stories of Alex and Michael.  To say they will be missed, as they say, “is an understatement.” While we must say goodbye to Alex and Michael, each of us are so very happy that they will now be pursuing their dreams after many, many years of hard work.  Our loss is Florida and Ireland’s gain.  The entire BNF Family wishes both Alex, Michael, and their Families, Good Health and Much Happiness.

A Bit of Reflection

As we begin our 24th year of business, perhaps a bit of reflection on the past 23 years is warranted. Those close to us know of our beginning………………… BNF was born in a laundry room with a telephone, rolled paper fax machine and a homemade drafting table. It truly took many long hours, dedication and perseverance to dig the footing for our foundation. A salary could not even be considered for quite some time. Any profit was reinvested to build upon that foundation. Twenty Three years later we can safely say, “It was certainly worth it!”

The first thought that comes to mind is to convey our sincerest gratitude and thanks to those who brought us to this point starting with our Employees. Without the dedication and commitment of our employees, BNF would not have built the stellar reputation that remains the strongest facet of our foundation. The majority of our employees have been with us between ten and twenty years. When the economy (along with the construction industry) faltered in 2008, our employees willingly forfeited a portion of their salary until the industry began to thrive again. We sincerely hope that we have conveyed to each and every one of them precisely how valued they are. Whether representing us in the field on assigned projects, tending to the tedium of office paperwork, answering phones, meeting with current or prospective clients; their professionalism provide an extremely important piece of the pie that makes BNF complete.

We must also thank our many Customers who have been a part of our journey. BNF continues to strive to ensure that each and every project undertaken meets or exceeds the expectations of those who have placed their confidence in our capabilities. Without our Clients continued belief in the Team at BNF, our foundation might begin to weaken. Hopefully, each and every Client continues to feel that they are in extremely competent hands when our Team is on site.

The two most important components required to build a solid/successful business are Employees and Clients. However, we feel very strongly that without the dependable services of the Subcontractors whose services we engage, BNF would quickly falter. We consider our subcontractors to be the best in the industry. We appreciate and respect their responsiveness and attention to detail that allows BNF to present projects that allow our clients to be completely satisfied at project completion. Have issues arisen on projects? Absolutely! It is the manner in which they are promptly addressed that allow our Team to step back and take pride in the finished product.

Our path to the present was not always smooth. The details are not important. The fact that we always survived the difficult times and continued on our journey, stronger from lessons learned, continues to be a great source of pride. We look to the future with great hope and promise and pray that BNF Contractors will continue to flourish and grow over the next 23 years.

With our sincerest thanks to all that have been a part of our 23 year journey,

Barbara and Frank Giordano