BNF Anniversary & Retirements

As we continue to recover from a worldwide pandemic, we pray that all who have known great loss will recover and that globally we can look to the future with renewed hope and promise.

BNF has now entered its 28th year of business.  This is a milestone that we are extremely proud of.  We are blessed to have employed supervisors, managers, and staff who are extremely professional, dedicated, and diligent.  Without each of these team players, BNF Contractors would never have known the success and respect that has been achieved.

While our Anniversary is something to be celebrated, it is with a mix of joy and sadness that we announce the retirement of two of our most esteemed employees, Alex Pacheco and Michael Hanley. Alex and Michael have been a part of the BNF Family for 16 years and 15 years, respectively.  They have both engendered an extreme degree of respect from all who have worked with them throughout the years.

Many of our customers and subcontractors have shared their stories of Alex and Michael.  To say they will be missed, as they say, “is an understatement.” While we must say goodbye to Alex and Michael, each of us are so very happy that they will now be pursuing their dreams after many, many years of hard work.  Our loss is Florida and Ireland’s gain.  The entire BNF Family wishes both Alex, Michael, and their Families, Good Health and Much Happiness.